Brief Introduction

My name is Awoyefa Toyese, the founder and CEO of Tango Digital Systems.
I am listed on Quora Top 10 most viewed writers in the following topics:
Video Surveillance | IP/CCTV Security Cameras | Security Cameras | Surveillance Cameras | CCTV Camera | CCTV Cameras | Wireless Security Cameras

I am a skilled Home Security and I.T expert having experience in all areas of support across electronic surveillance equipments, vehicle, PABX system, WordPress development and other IT solutions.

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Who I Am

CCTV/Home Security & IT Technician

Successfully completed 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 & 128 channels CCTV installation/maintenance/upgrade, solar – inverter energy, PABX intercom system, vehicle security (GPS tracker), cellphone surveillance and  computer LAN/WLAN for clients at various locations.

WordPress Web Developer

Successfully developed, upgraded, maintained and fixed professional, business and e-commerce websites for private individuals, SMEs and corporate bodies which also included domain and web hosting related issues.

CCTV Security Content Writer

Successfully written blogs at Tango Digital Systems and Home Security Gist. My passion for CCTV and digital surveillance coupled with wide range of experience I have gained in the field made me a content writer not only for Tango Digital Systems but also for many other CCTV and digital security websites.

Voice-Over Artist

Successfully voiced for numerous projects, I started voice-over 2004 just to catch fun with the then Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, which I used to prepare shot jingles in 30 and 60 seconds. I would always give it out to a media person who was working with a big TV company for performance score. It soon turned to passion and started creating video jingles with voice-over narration. I have done voice-over narration for many online commercials.

Virtual Assistant

Reliability and trust helped me to be a successful personal and virtual assistant who has always been able to deliver on merit. I have been engaged in many virtual assistance jobs offered by private individuals and corporate bodies without any problem or complaint. I am ready to  serve on short term and long term offer.

Need advice?

It is a best practice to consult an expert before taking some decisions to avert problems, or possible failures and disasters that may arise in the future.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.